PR2017 Virtual Arranger - Version 6

 PR2017 Virtual Arranger - Version 6


New features are highlighted:


 Sound card for live performances  : Native Instruments Complete 6 - USB 2

 Keyboard: M-Audio Code 61.

 I am processing everything in realtime, new laptop is a Lenovo Yoga 900 

convertible tablet with 16GBB RAM, 1TB SSD, and Core I7, running Windows 10.



 Ableton Live 9 Suite   (Audio Host)

 Propellerhead Reason 8  (Main sampler)

 UVI Workstation realoaded with: Gospel Musicians UVI libraries: 

 FM ines, Pure Styhn, NEO Soul Keys. Mainly for electric keyboards..

 Toontrack superior 2 reloaded (Drum Sampler)

 Toontrack mix 2 (for mastering)

 VArranger 2 as realtime arranger   (I am not using OMB (One man Band) anymore)

 Mid Wiring with: LoopMidi

 Midi Mapping : MidiOX