PR2008 Virtual Arranger moving to version 2. Now processing and recording audio input in real time!

Here we go again ... after some weeks of additional research this is the new release of my PR2008 Virtual Arranger moving to version 2.  Now processing and recording audio inputs in real time!

Let me show the new features:

Minor enhancements.

1. I can control my Reason NNXT patches and combis from my M-AUDIO axiom 61, reason doesn't allow me to send MIDI program changes, but with my controller buttons I can choose the previous or next patch, which is ebough for my real time requirements at church.

2. I can control the amount of reverberation,  control the instruments volume, all from M-AUDIO axion 61, it was a very friendly integration with Reason 4 MIDI remote functions..

Major Achievements

2. Real time audio processing for one Voice, one Guitar and Reason audio output!!.

yes !!  I have been learning about Ableton Live 6, the one that comes free with my M-AUDIO fast track pro, and I am able to connect Reason as a rewire client application with Live.

What that means: I can add reverberation, chorus, and any digital effect available in Live, to my guitar, voice and reason while I am playing (pure real time) ... that is extremely useful.  I won't need digital effects units anymore !!!

I can memorize (automate), my mixing and digital effect settings depending of the location where I play and so on ...  so I am using my sound card a a little digital mixer controlled from Ableton Live!

3. Real time Multitrack-Recording

Now that reason is connected with Ableton live, and I am able to process all the audio there, the good news are, that I can record all the channels with independent tracks in real time.

 I can synchronize  my OMB arranger software with live, and trigger the start/stop process from my controller ... so I am able to record my real jam and performance sessions .. without touching my laptop.!!

Additional Benefits ...

As I mentioned in my last article, I just sold my arranger Ketron SD1, an absolutly amazing workstation, but I am happy with this change, I am able to replicate quality, improve flexibility, portability and extensibility with my virtual arranger.

I am about to sell my Korg 05RW sound module as well, now I have a good number of samples to play with my Reason 4 NNXT sampler, so I don;t need any hardware synthesizers or Hardware samplers anymore.

Now that I can process my acoustic guitar in real time, I will sell my Digitech digital effects processor ...

Next steps ...

I am starting to research about small USB2 sounds cards with 24 bits support and more inputs (mine is just 16 bits and USB 1) ...   so I can add effects, mix and record more voices in real time, and perhaps I can sell my mixer !!!