Software & Computer Science
Technology & Music Together
Catholic Music / Música Católica
Professional Global IT Integrators specialized in
Large Open Source Solutions such as:
ERP, SOA, Big Data, IoT, middleware and more
Open Source tools for everyday
Interactive Workstations
Virtual Instruments
Reason, Ableton Live
and real time software
for Musicians
Portal Online &
Comunidad para Músicos Católicos

IT Conferences / Conferencias en TI

Tourism / Turismo

Bogotá D.C., Colombia
Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada

Ministerio de Música Católica

SOA, Java Enterprise, Groovy
and Software development tools

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Immigration / Inmigración

Crónicas de Inmigración Colombia-Canadá
(c)  Pedro Rozo
Senior Global IT Consultant
Certified Enterprise Architect for Java Technology
MBA, PMP, Java, SOA, Integration, ERP, Open Source Specialist
Catholic Musician